Girard Court ePayment

Welcome to the Girard Municipal Court e-payment system. Utilizing this system, you can pay your fines and costs on-line by using a credit card or bank debit card. This system is new to the Girard Municipal Court and therefore you can only pay the fines and costs for limited traffic offenses. In order to make a payment on-line, you must know the total amount you are paying. This can be done by viewing the pay schedule below or contacting the court during regular business hours (8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. EST) at 330-545-3049. One of our Deputy Clerks will be happy to assist you in this matter. If your traffic ticket was marked “Mandatory Appearance” by the officer, you must appear in court and cannot use this system to pay your fines or costs.

Payment Schedule

(FOR LIMITED OFFENSES ONLY. FOR OFFENSES NOT LISTED, PLEASE CALL 330-545-3049 Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.)

Speed Offenses

Speed Fine and Costs Total
1-10 mph over limit$25.00 fine plus $97.00 Court costs$122.00
11-15 mph over limit$40.00 fine plus $97.00 Court costs$137.00
16-20 mph over limit$60.00 fine plus $97.00 Court costs$157.00
21+ mph over limit$100.00 fine plus $97.00 Court costs$197.00

Other Offenses

Speed Fine and Costs Total
Stop Sign$20.00 fine plus $97.00 Court costs$117.00
Traffic Control Signal$20.00 fine plus $97.00 Court costs$117.00
Following Too Close$20.00 fine plus $97.00 Court costs$117.00
Improper Passing$20.00 fine plus $97.00 Court costs$117.00
Improper/Prohibited Turn$20.00 fine plus $97.00 Court costs$117.00
Seat belt (Driver)$88.00
Seat belt (Passenger)$78.00


Traffic Camera Tickets
on this site

Girard Municipal Court does not enforce Traffic Camera Tickets

Contact City of Girard
Mayor's Office at
(330) 545-0211 ext. 2228

To pay and/or view your bill online,
click the button below:

Civil Division Court Fees

Basic Court Costs / Fees Charged on Civil Cases $108.00
Forcible Entry & Detainer (Evictions)$108.00


Each Add'l Defendant $10.00
Legal Aid (Civil)$26.00
Computerization of Clerk's Office$13.00
General/Special Project$25.00
City of Girard$44.00
Basic Court Costs / Fees Charged on Small Claims $58.00


Each Add'l Defendant $10.00
Legal Aid (Small Claims)$11.00
Computerization of Clerk's Office$13.00
General/Special Project$25.00
City of Girard$9.00

Counterclaims and Cross Claims. . . . . . . . . .$58.00

  • $19 To the City of Girard
  • $26 To the General / Special Projects Fund
  • $3 To Computer Fund 'A'
  • $10 To Computer Fund 'B'

Trusteeships. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $83.00

  • $19 To the City of Girard
  • $26 To the State of Ohio for Legal Aid Societies
  • $25 To the General / Special Projects Fund
  • $3 To Computer Fund 'A'
  • $10 To Computer Fund 'B'

Rental Escrow Actions. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1% of Deposits

12 Point BMV Appeals. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $83.00

  • $26 To the State of Ohio Legal Aid Socities
  • $19 To the City of Girard
  • $25 To the General / Special Projects Fund
  • $3 To Computer Fund 'A'
  • $10 To Computer Fund 'B'

Security for Jury Demands. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .$400.00

Jury deposits shall accompany any pleading containing a jury demand. Failure to pay the jury deposit constitutes a waiver of the party's right to a jury trial and shall be stricken. If the case is settled prior to jury call, the deposity shall be retunred. If the case is not settled prior to jury call, the deposit shall be taxed as costs.

Administrative fee for money collected 2% on 1st $10,000.00; 1% additional over $10,000.00
(O.R.C. 2303.31, 2303.20)

Bank Attachments $33.00 +$1 for bank
Request for Certified Mail$10.00
Each Add'l Defendant Named on Cognovit$10.00
Certified Copies with Seal$5.00
Executions & Levies Deposit
(1)Motor Vehicles $400.00
(2)Personal Property $150.00
Exemplified Copy$10.00
Examination of Judgment Debtor$33.00
Each Add'l Defendant$10.00
Filings After Case is Closed (Bankruptcy Stay Excluded)$30.00
Motion for Show Cause for Contempt$30.00
Motion for Attachment Prior to Judgment$25.00
Motion to Revive the Judgment$25.00
Alias Summons - Certified Mail$10.00
Alias Summons - Regular Mail$5.00
Wage Garnishments $33.00
Motion (All Other Motions Including Small Claims)$25.00
Notice of Appeal ($150.00 to Clerk of Common Pleas Ct)$25.00
Order for Financial Statement in Small Claims$20.00
Request for Additional Certified Mail Service$10.00
Small Claims Counterclaim$58.00
Third Party Complaints$108.00
Transfer of Judgment$50.00
If Filed at Same Time as Executions on Judgment$40.00
BMV Appeal$83.00

Service Fees (To the City of Girard)

Notice of Appeal $25.00
Objection to Magistrate's Decision$25.00
Filing of Certificate of Judgment$20.00
Issuance of Certificate of Judgment$5.00

Issuance of a Subpoena

A separate check or money order payable to the perspective witness in the sum of $12 for a full day or $6 for a half day plus 10 cents per mile the witness is expected to travel to and from court shall accompany the praecipe for subpoena.

Service of Process

By Certified Mail in excess of one defendant $10.00
By Alias Service - Regular Mail$5.00
By Personal Service$25.00

Photocopy Expenses

0 - 10 Photocopies $0.00
10+$0.10 ea
Certified copies with seal$5.00 ea
Exemplified seal / triple seal$10.00 ea

Criminal / Traffic Division Court Fees

Court Costs

Criminal Local Costs $32.00
Traffic Local Costs$20.00
Computer Fund 'A'$3.00
Computer Fund 'B'$10.00
General / Special Projects Fund$25.00
General / Special Projects Fund (DUI Case after 4/6/2017)$25.00
Public Defender's Tax$15.00
Victim of Crime Tax$9.00
State Indigent Defense Support Fund$5.00
State Drug Law enforcement Fund$3.50
State Indigent Drivers' Alcohol Treatment Fund$1.50
Stenographer on Appearance$8.00
Probation Services$300.00
Probation Services - Diversion$600.00
Administrative Costs - Rule 11$100.00
Public Defender Fund - Trumbull County$25.00
Bond Costs10%
Discovery Costs$25.00
Capias / Bench Warrants$50.00
Order to Show Cause in Contempt Proceeding$50.00
BMV Forfeiture Costs (Reimbursements to the City of Girard)$15.00
BMV Forfeiture Costs (Cost for Court Service)$25.00
Collection Costs$50.00
Parking Meter Violation CostsPer Order
Jury Costs$15.00 Per Day
Witness Costs per day$12.00
Witness Costs per half-day$6.00
Witness Costs per mile to & from court$0.00
Witness Costs Filing of Praecipe$10.00
Interpreter CostsPer Order
Miscellaneous Cost (Copies)Per Order

Motions (Apply as Local Costs)

Motions for Continuance $25.00
Motions for Occupational Driving Privileges$50.00
Motions for Appealing Administrative License Suspension$50.00
Motions for the Release of Seized Vehicles$25.00
Motions for Modifications / reconsiderations$25.00
Motions for Sealment of Records$50.00
All Other Motions$25.00